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What to Ask Your Residential St. Louis Concrete Contractor

As more people become acquainted with the many benefits of using concrete for home improvement , more homeowners are choosing concrete as their go-to material for countless home surfaces. It is common for homeowners to feel invested enough in their property to perform home improvement tasks themselves. However, concrete is a complicated material, and generally requires […]

Cozy Concrete: Not Just for the Outdoors!

Concrete Contractors in St. Louis are Breaking Down Stereotypes Many people think concrete is only for outdoor projects like sidewalks or pools, but concrete is perfect for use inside the home as well. Whatever your home-improvement project, the right concrete contractor can make concrete the smart, stylish choice.

Concrete Countertops Provide a Unique Alternative to Granite

You may have never considered concrete as an option for your kitchen, bath or bar countertops – but they are a growing trend in homes of all sizes and styles from modern to traditional. CustomCrete leads the way in custom concrete countertop design in the St. Louis area.

Introducing Senza Rivali Style Concrete Counter Tops

For all you designers out there, Customcrete has released their 2012 line of Senza Rivali™ concrete counter tops. These pieces are cast using ultra high performance concrete with design and style in mind. CustomCrete designers hand-crafted this new signature line and we are the only company in St. Louis offering it. The mottled and veined […]

Custom Counter Tops in St. Louis

If you are in the market for hand crafted custom counter tops, there’s no need to look outside of the St. Louis area.  Customcrete is a locally owned decorative concrete contractor with skilled craftsman that can assist you or your designer in creating that custom counter top you’ve always dreamed of.  With the endless design […]

Concrete offers many creative uses for the home By Amy Burger • Special to the Post-Dispatch

You may think it odd to hear someone declare, “What a gorgeous concrete floor!” After all, when most folks think of concrete, they envision industrial spaces, parking garages, driveways and patios. But concrete has found a solid place (pun intended) as a design element inside people’s homes, and the results can be surprisingly stunning.