Accessorize Your Patio with a Concrete Fire Pit Design

So you’ve decided to jump on the exciting bandwagon of outdoor living rooms. It offers everything you’re looking for in your life: an escape from the stuffy indoors, a great socialization outlet, and the perfect way to show off your flawless landscaping skills. Now it’s time for one of the most essential parts of your outdoor living room: the fire pit. If you have already decided to build a fire pit out of concrete or stone, then the next step is to figure out what concrete fire pit design you’d prefer.

The Stone Circle

By far the most popular concrete fire pit, this basic design is made of solid, round slabs forming a “stone circle” in your back yard for friends and family to gather around. Custom crete will even place stone in the wet concrete to give the fire pit a more traditional look. The simple form goes with any décor. And of course there’s the inherent symbolism dating back to the King Arthur legends: a circle inspires community and equality. No person should be condemned to a corner. In addition, the simple concrete fire pit design lends itself to elaboration. Common resurfacing techniques can give this pit more variation and texture.

The Minimalist Fire Pit

These concrete fire pit designs are a sleek, stylish choice for the modern home. Straight edged shapes in squares and rectangles accentuate the composed nature of contemporary architecture. These structures look especially daring when lit with coal or gas fires rather than wood fires. Concrete is the perfect material for these fashionable fire pits because they do not stain or char as easily as metal or brick ones.

The Traditional Fireplace

Then again, maybe you don’t want a fire pit, you prefer a traditional fireplace. Customcrete can build a fire place directly on your patio. This option can add privacy and warmth to your patio space. However, this plan is only for the most forward thinking homeowners. A full masonry fireplace is best carried out when you are already building a completely new concrete patio. Instead of occupying the patio space, the resulting fire place will added to the perimeter of  your new outdoor living room.

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