Garage Flooring in St. Louis

Garage flooring undergoes some harsh treatment throughout the year. Living in (and around) St. Louis, you know how brutal both the summers and winters can be.  Garage floors have to battle extreme heat, extreme cold, winter chemicals used to treat the road, gas, oil, antifreeze, and moisture from the ground below.  It’s no surprise that almost every garage floor will need repair work or replacement at some point.

Our epoxy floor coatings are perfect for garage floors. With our epoxy's extreme durability, your garage floor can take on any weather condition and remain in good condition with very low maintenance compared to other finishes. 

Color Options

Pigmented Epoxy Colors (see more)

Safety Blue
Delta Fog
Concrete Gray
Seattle Red
Red Brick
Thatch Brown
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Epoxy Flake Colors (see more)

Canyon (1/4" & 1/16")

Carmel (1/4" & 1/16")

Coolmist (1/4" & 1/16")

Desert (1/4" & 1/16")

Fog (1/4" & 1/16")

Mist (1/4" & 1/16")

Color Chrome Colors (see more)

Satin Bronze
Ash Brown
Gun Metal
Irridescent Blue
Cambridge Blue
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Why Epoxy Flooring?


Not a paint or cheap epoxy kit like other similar looking finishes that are temporary

Custom design

Complete project customization. Virtually unlimited designs, patterns color options and even custom logos.


Extreme durability for high traffic areas. Get the most out of your investment.

Chemically Resistant

Non-toxic and highly resistant to deicing, salts, water, petrochemical spills and other contaminations. VOC free options avilable.

Quick Install

Not a paint or cheap epoxy kit like other similar looking finishes that are temporary.

Low Maintenance

Very low maintenance compared to other finishes.

Epoxy Concrete Examples

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