Spray-Deck Resurfacing

Here at CustomCrete, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best resurfacing results by combining our “spray” technique with the finest concrete resurfacing products on the market.

Keep It Simple

Many homeowners feel that stenciled or stamped concrete looks too busy for their house. Spray-Deck resurfacing gives customers the chance to maintain a simple, clean look to their concrete without making it appear unfinished.This resurfacing technique results in a richly textured surface that is often cooler than traditional concrete. 

Elaborate with Concrete Resurfacing Products

Of course, spray-deck resurfacing can also be combined with stamping, stenciling, or staining to create a more layered, complex, or intricate look. Staining in particular can emphasize the sprayed texture by creating more contrast between light and shadow than gray concrete. CustomCrete offers several spray-deck resurfacing products, which come in a wide range of colors to perfectly compliment your home.

In addition to visual appeal, spray-deck concrete is the safest resurfacing choice. The light texture of this resurfacing product makes concrete is less slippery than smooth concrete, making it perfect for pools, rooms for the elderly, or anywhere children are likely to run around.

Our Contractors Are as Good as Our Products

Some homeowners worry they will invest time and money in a project that ultimately does not resemble what they originally imagined. However, our concrete contractors will lead you through the design process to ensure you get exactly the look you want with our concrete resurfacing products. So contact CustomCrete to resurface your concrete today.

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Integral Colors

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Solid Color Stains

View samples to add texture to your stamped concrete patterns.

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