Different Strokes for Different Folks: Creative Concrete Stenciling

While many people rely on concrete for practical purposes, such as adding square footage to an existing patio, stenciling can be used to add ornamentation and flair to your home.

Stencils work by laying a material into wet or cured concrete, after which an additional layer of cement is added. Once CustomCrete adds an additional layer of cement, they remove the stencil to reveal the design. This process is faster and more affordable than tile, and it allows more elbowroom for creativity.

Depending on the intricacy of the project and the toughness of the materials, CustomCrete uses stencils made from strapping tape, thick paper, or thin vinyl. The more delicate the medium, the thinner the stencil.

For basic designs that keep a consistent pattern, CustomCrete uses pre-made stencils out thick paper. These are perfect for adding borders to existing solid concrete sidewalks, pools, patios or other surfaces. Remember that by adding a border to these aspects of your property, you’re also framing your lawn or garden, making it the perfect way to highlight the best parts of your home.

If these regular patterns seem too plain for your property, then you may consider choosing an abstract or organic style of concrete. This technique creates a more natural feel than the structured pre-made stencils mentioned earlier. In this scenario, our professionals use strapping tape to improvise these irregular designs. Strapping tape is reinforced with string similar to fishing line and can only be cut with scissors, making it the ideal tool when creating stone-like impressions or asymmetrical lines. Try using it in your home’s entryway to bridge the gap between your house and nature.

The last and most elaborate choice for concrete stenciling creates an isolated design on existing solid concrete surfaces. The final result looks similar to an area rug that you never have to vacuum or worry about spilling coffee on. Stencils used for this kind of project are made from thin adhesive vinyl and create a negative space when a stain is applied to it. By applying different colors, different effects can be achieved.

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