Plan the Perfect Concrete Patio Design for Your Home

Now that the hottest months of the year are over, you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible. But even if you have beautiful weather, the best patio furniture money can by, and a wonderful yard and garden to immerse yourself in, a bad or non-existent patio can ruin an otherwise perfect experience. CustomCrete can repair or replace your patio or build you a shiny new one. However, planning the right concrete patio design is an important step before the construction process begins. Answer these three questions to design the perfect concrete patio.

1. What style and color fits your home and property?

A well-designed concrete patio can build a bridge between your home and the outdoors. Take into consideration our wide range of colors and applications to achieve a seamless transition. Consult one of our concrete professionals for a color that will compliment your home and your lawn. In addition to color, we can apply stencils or stamps to mediate between civilization and nature. Opt for one of our organic resurfacing techniques, such as a trowel application, to make your patio the perfect middle ground.

2. What are you working with?

Another influential contributor to your concrete patio design should be the shape your existing property. If your house sits on a hill, consider installing concrete stairs leading from your patio into your yard. Existing gardens can be incorporated into a patio by building around them, essentially framing the most beautiful parts of your property. Maybe trees surround your home. In this case, multiple levels of sitting walls can contribute to the layered effect trees create. CustomCrete will work with you and your property to design the perfect dimensions and accessories for your new concrete patio.

3. How will you use it?

Lastly, consider how your new patio will function in your every day life. One of the most popular concrete patio design trends today is outdoor living rooms. Through different combinations of fire pits and sitting walls, CustomCrete can create a cozy extension of your home outside. A fire pit can bring family and friends together at any time of year, and half-circle sitting walls allow you to incorporate as many chairs as you need to include everyone. Or, if you have kids, a combination of sitting walls and multiple corners give them ample room to play whatever imaginative game they can think up. If your age, a physical disability, or just general clumsiness makes you prone to tripping over uneven surfaces, consider choosing one of our less textured options in favor of smooth continuous concrete.

To get started on your concrete patio design, call (636) 278-2218 CustomCrete today. We’re happy to help plan, design, and build any concrete patio you need.

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