What’s Under Your Basement Floor?

Many St. Louis and St. Charles homeowners treat their basements like bomb shelters: a room only solely used for storage or for protection during tornado sirens. This decision occurs because some people think of their basement as a cold, dank, inhabitable place. However, this custom is a serious waste of space; you could have a whole additional level to your house! With the help of CustomCrete’s resurfacing and concrete repair service, you can transform your basement into a livable extension of your home.

Even if you don’t think your basement floor is made of concrete, you could be wrong. Concrete basement floors are often covered by tile or carpeting in a long-ago attempt to make the plain surface more inviting. However, tile and carpets are easily chipped, stained, or otherwise damaged, quickly deteriorating any idea of a homely environment. Ironically, by keeping a concrete surface, your basement floor will be less susceptible to mildew, staining, scuffing, and chipping. In addition, CustomCrete offers many resurfacing options to make your concrete feel like any other part of your home, toppling the misconception that concrete must look industrial and uninviting.

If your current concrete floor has been damaged, our resurfacing techniques can also act as a concrete repair service. While many people believe that a concrete repair service is a separate act, resurfacing involves adding a thin layer of new concrete to the existing concrete. As a result, any cracks or chips in the original floor are filled in and invisible by the end of the concrete resurfacing process.


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